An industry always keeps a keen note towards protecting the people, properties, and assets from threats and risks. Safeguarding is the most common challenge that is being faced by any business regardless of its size. The industry should have a defense system strong enough to secure itself against thefts or accidents. There should be an end-to-end security solution to enhance productivity, protection as well as safety. Every industry should have a planned and properly implemented security system and a well-defined security protocol in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts which is why Venus consulting solutions is at your doorstep eager to provide you with the required services. We assure you of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Protect Your People, Property, and Assets

The first step to dealing with a problem is to know that there is a problem. Venus consulting solutions initially focus on preventing the problem. The defense system by Venus consulting solution provides you with the integrated mechanism including a proper alarm system to warn against the threats and also the surveillance for keeping a soft foot to keep everything recorded.

Venus consulting solutions evolve according to the threats and help you prevent cyber attacks. We, not only focus on the prevention but also make sure if the control the damage if the situation gets out of hand. The planned solution should also include the containment of the virus infection inside a system to add an extra layer of security. The threats, we are talking about are not only the digitally created worms and Trojans, but also unauthorized access which eventually leads to a data breach.

How Safe Is Your Plant or Factory?

When running an industry, one must know about the level of safety that is being implemented to deal with the threats. The parameters required in adopting a system go way beyond the theoretical expectations; one of which is budget-friendly. Venus consulting solutions are valued for money in providing you with the entire security measure, even against cyber terrorism.

SWOT analysis needs to be done for any size of business. There is no doubt that any digitally saved data has a threat of malware attack which will lead to a data breach in a company. SWOT analysis will help in determining the strategy that is currently applicable and the advancement that is required for the improved security system. Also, the security system that has been adopted should be according to the cyber laws to avoid fines and compensation. The steps to mitigate the threat should be prepared and the security gaps should be filled. Venus consulting solutions pre-examine the adopted security system to find gaps and provide the steps of threat mitigation in order to safeguard one’s business. Moreover, Venus also spread awareness regarding the threats to the existing system and the measure that can be taken.

The safety of a factory or a plant also depends on the spread of word about the information breach in real-time. The factory should be able to control the attack while containing it in the confined database to avoid the spread while alarming the system. Venus’s consulting solution also captures the culprit with tight surveillance and access control.

Providing Value with Solutions Designed to Optimize Safety

Managing with the security of a plant or a factory, an integrated system should be adopted. For better protection and functioning of a factory, the system should have little advancement like:

  • Proper video surveillance
  • Alarm system
  • Technology to block unauthorized access
  • Access control
  • Threat mitigation
  • Safety against malicious activity
  • Physical security
  • Protection against disasters
  • Protection against arson
  • Developed virtual personal network
  • Virtual machines, and so on.

Venus consulting solutions provide an integrated system that meets the entire advancements required. In addition to that, it also examines the pre-existing system to find security gaps and develops a personalized system in order to fill the gaps and build a successful and complete security system.

One of the major factors while dealing with the system and its implementation is financial investments. The system that is adopted by a factory should not only deal with the complete protective gear but also be valuable for its price. The design that Venus consulting solutions provides covers all the parameters of security at the cheap and best cost. Venus not only makes your integrated security system strong, but it also provides it at a justified price.

Industrial Security Professionals

Security system when adopted by a factory requires professionals to train regarding the implementation of the programs in that integrated system. The official trains the employees and even the guard regarding the safety measures that are to be taken to avoid the threat. One of the common causes of damage is the accidents that happen in or around the factory. Disasters occur in the prone areas and consequently have a low population. Ironically for factories to be set up, one often needs a place with a low population as setting up a plant or a factory has an adverse effect on the environment which mainly causes skin and lung infection. Therefore, training of the officials by Venus consulting solutions also deal with disaster is also an important aspect. Moreover, accidents like fire and electrical malfunction also cause a lot of damage for which proper training is provided by Venus Consulting Solutions.

Apart from the mentioned training, Venus focuses on the training about the weather-related problems that should also be dealt with. The officials should have a proper manual for instructions from Venus consulting solutions regarding the interaction with outsiders. One should allow the visitor to enter the premises with proper security checks and eliminate the prohibited objects. They should then be guided for the required purpose and proper surveillance should be conducted. Venus has different teams for different aspects related to protection from outsiders. It is instructed to provide badges and passwords for each employee as proof of working in that particular factory. Venus consulting solutions also support the prevention of loss by keeping a record of the employee as well as the outsiders.

Auditing is one of the best ways for the quality assurance of a business. However, auditing also helps in determining the insider threat. Venus consulting solutions conduct audits for factories and plants to ensure any sort of theft occurs by the employee. This builds trust and confidence in the factory which is a hidden factor in the upliftment of the business.

Comprehensive, Integrated Industrial Security Services

Venus consulting solutions is India’s leading agency that deals with security services in a factory. It is an integrated security system provider that has been working for quite a few years with trusted teams working in the field of their expertise. Venus’s integrated system involves:

  • The complete rotational surveillance is in high definition to record all the activities happening inside and outside of the factory.
  • The siren and alarming system warn regarding a threat to take the measure of preventing it.
  • The badging and biometric record of the employee working in a factory to avoid trespassers.
  • The proper signing and record of the visitors to keep a keen observation. The trained officials guide the visitor in their needs.
  • Physical security on the entrances for protection from forced entry.
  • The protection of data from unauthorized access is done by giving each employee a separate and unique id as a precautionary measure.
  • Training regarding preventive measures for a disaster or a weather-related emergency.
  • Proper medical facilities are also included in case of any medical emergency occurring inside the factory itself.
  • The employee should be well educated about the do’s and don’ts while dealing with fire or electricity-related emergencies.
  • The factory or plant should have proper mailing and parceling services to avoid the loss of any resources.
  • Venus also provides a manual for different threat mitigations along with their steps.
  • Training is also provided regarding dealing with the situations that might take place.
  • Risk management is a proactive process. The employee is taught about the risk in their particular area of work and measures are taken to deal with it.

Venus consulting solutions provide the best services regarding every aspect of manufacturing and industrial site security at an affordable price.

What are Due Diligence Investigations And How Do We Perform Them?

Due diligence is an audit investigation or performance to confirm the facts of a matter under consideration. It’s important to understand the financial status of the company along with the internal control regulation and operations management and it also analyzes and mitigates risk in a systematic way from a business or investment decision. Due diligence examining the company’s number. It also compares the number of overtime and benchmarks them against competitors. Due diligence analyzes the business in a systematic way which helps the person to take the right decision that they want to invest or buy a business or not.

The situation when Corporate Due Diligence Investigations required:-

  • For Partnership or Joint Venture Agreements
  • For Criminal and civil Litigation History.
  • For insurance and Liability.
  • For any type of Corporate and Financial Transactions.
  • For any Property and Asset Searches
  • Evaluating Prospective Clients, Partners, or Executive Appointments

Why Due Diligence is important?

Due diligence is the most essential thing for the investors to get a successful commercial transaction, as it allows them to verify the information related to the business and assess the value of the business. So they can decide whether they have proceeded forward to invest or buy the business. It also permits the investor to determine if there is any risk or barriers with the transaction of the business.

The due diligence is normally performed for two weeks to one month but it can vary according to the complexity of the transaction.  Most of the information that completes the due diligence is collected by the seller. If you are considering buying a business then there can are negative risks occurring with the business such as,

  • Default on payments
  • Market slumps
  • Loss of key supplier or customer relationships
  • Legal claims
  • Loss of key staff

Type of Due Diligence Investigation

Due diligence is a process that is taken by an acquiring firm in order to get complete information about the assets, capabilities, and financial performance of the target company.

  • Administrative due diligence
  • Financial due diligence
  • Asset due diligence
  • Human Resources due diligence
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Taxes due diligence
  • Intellectual Property due diligence
  • Legal due diligence
  • Customer due diligence
  • Customer due diligence
  • Strategic Fit

Why a Due Diligence report is needed

“Finding a skeleton in the cupboard before the deal is better than finding them later” due diligence is an important process as it helps to make the critical decision about the investment in some organization. it helps to get information about the company’s plans for additional earnings. The due diligence report gives a clear view related to the future progress of the business.

Steps to perform due diligence

  • Company Capitalization
  • Revenue, Margin Trends
  • Competitors and Industries
  • Valuation Multiples
  • Management and Ownership
  • Balance Sheet Exam
  • Stock Price History
  • Stock Options and Dilution
  • Expectations
  • Risks

The benefit of due diligence:-

  • Buyers need access to and sight primary information for themselves to make sure that what they have been told is correct.
  • Buyers confirm the honesty and forthrightness of sellers by confirming that they have disclosed everything related to the company
  • Both Buyers and vendors need a forum for complete disclosure and open discussion of the asset changing hands to provide for a thorough handover and form the basis for integration planning, where the asset is a business.
  •  Vendors need buyers to have confirmed all information for themselves, to ensure that later claims cannot arise that they have been untruthful or incomplete in their disclosure.

Document required for due diligence

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Financial Statements
  • Property Documents
  • Employee Records
  • Operational Records
  • Tax Payment Receipts
  • Utility Bills
  • Intellectual Property Registration or Application Documents
  • Statutory Registers
  • Tax Registration Certificates
  • Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Bank Statements
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Shareholding Pattern

What are the checklists of Due Diligence?

The due diligence checklist helps to analyze a company in a better way and it includes all the areas that have to be analyzed to get the correct information about the business.

  • Assets
  • Operations
  • Policies
  • Human resources.
  • Processes
  • Ownership
  • Management
  • Future growth potential
  • Organization
  • Shareholder value
  • The financial ratios

Why VCS is best in due diligence investigations services?

Venus Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd is India’s No. one business Consulting Company that deals in the field of Brand Protection & Risk Management services and we are providing the best due diligence services in India.  We have a team of investigators who are skillful and experienced. our Investigators accumulate all the important information related to the organization such as history and permissions, regulatory destructions, personal and corporate credibility in the market and society, civil litigation, professional and academic records, corporate inconsistency, the bankruptcy of a partner, property-related sources, asset, history related to partnership, another business history, and criminal cases.

In our team, we have investigators that are experts like legal advisors, litigation counselors,  cyber-crime, corporate governance experts, members of law enforcement, computer specialists, and ex-business journalists and while performing the due diligence we collect the information about the company in Commercial due diligence, Financial due diligence, and legal due diligence. We provide our service all over India and Our company achieves millstones not only in India but also have the recognition across the world in so many countries like. USA, UK, Egypt, Canada & Mexico, and many more.