Service Overview

We are The Most Successful in Corporate Detective Services and We Recover More Than 1000+ projects.

Corporate irregularities are cumulative with changing nature of business, now there is a need of extra security to safeguard your organization. Missing person investigation is the demand of current business where we have found that companies are facing unnecessary loss.

How It Works?

Information on missing person might be one of toughest task to be performed but is an established entity in corporate investigation which can take any type of complicated assignment and finish it with positive note. We are the first choice of many reputed corporate houses because:

  • Well-Structured Team and Cost Effective Agency
  • Include Latest Technology in Investigation Process
  • 24/7 Support and Help by Our Staff
  • Dig Out Truth and Gather Concrete Evidence

Services Benefits

It is mandatory to check each person activities and behavior in your organization. If a person continuously delaying orders and instruction by company then it means that he has been involved in suspicious conspiracy. You might be wrong but let’s not take it lightly. The person who is constantly ignoring the notice of company and if there is invoice return frequently, there is high time investigate in this matter and we are professional in this matter.

Not just in the matter of corporate frauds if there is any issue in family where one of your child has ran away from the house because of dispute, then we are here to search him, in these types of cases there is a need of well experienced investigation agency and Avows Consulting and Corporate solutions is an appropriate choice for the same purpose. We connect every possible dots related to missing person and communicate with different law enforcement agencies, NGOs and social service organizations.

There is a need of intense knowledge of all possible characteristics of missing person investigation which includes checking the call records, phone bills, records of financial transaction such as credit card statement and online shopping, checking the email history of missing person, evaluation of assets related to the missing person and all that. has the goodwill to do whole investigation process efficiently with the process of investigating missing person cases, classifying missing children and adult, bring proofs, using technology which in turn gets the fastest results.