Service Overview

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t present inventory fraud cases have been increasing tremendously because there are so many conflicts arise in corporate world. Inventory fraud happens when there is discrepancy in the records related financial statement and its inventory of an organization. Inventory is defined as the raw material, unfinished goods or primary goods that is used to prepare final product which is usually kept in warehouse of the company. It is found that inventory theft is conducted by one of the employees within the organization or it might be possible that the organization itself indulged in forgery and deceitful actions to cheat Income tax authority and its shareholders.

How It Works?

Venus Consulting Solutions insures to investigate on time so that your business can be safe from the loss of money and inventory theft. We are hired by corporate clients because of our distinctive quality which are mentioned below:

  • Highly reputed Corporate investigation Agency
  • Quality with reasonable fees
  • World class knowledgeable Team
  • Applying latest technology in Investigation process

Services Benefits

When we investigate for inventory theft we search the possibility of elimination of inventory from warehouse, missing product invoice, continuous short sale, employee abnormal behavior, sudden hike in damaged goods, discrepancy in sales receipt, and frequent complaint of customer for lost goods etc. these are some example which is warning for an organization to take quick action. Our investigation agency takes appropriate steps to prevent inventory theft such as installation of video monitoring system, tight locking of warehouse, installing alarm alert system, spying through background check and surveillance investigation on employees and perform frequent audits of inventory.

Important Steps to Be Followed By Organization through Avowsconsulting.Com

We articulate below mentioned investigation audits to catch the real culprit behind all the discrepancy in inventory and financial statements related to organization.

    •  Reevaluate all inventory records
    •  Match with financial statement of the company
    •  Calculate the units of measure
    •  Search for missing documentation
    •  Detection of probable customer proprietorship
    •  Examine scrap.- especially production
    •  Detection of probable vendor proprietorship

These are some important steps from which we can get the real offenders of inventory theft, there are so many advanced techniques which we perform to catch the wrongdoer red handed. All you need to associate with as it is unquestionably one of the exceptional corporate investigation agencies in Delhi and across India.